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Nice little intro, this is a free Alpha. I might as well call it a PRE-Alpha Alpha.... At this point, this game is still in the baby stages of development. I'm putting it up here to get some feedback on game play and to maybe, finally have something to show people when I talk about this? 

I have used assets from other games/open game art sources to display what I want the end product to be like. I do not claim to own any of these assets (except the start menu.... I made THOSE) 

Ideally, the player (you) will control X, a 2d character, through a building. (to be further developed) As you move through, you should be clicking on objects within the building. Some of these objects will have a secret message attached to them, these messages are hints to unlock objects/doors. 

When you click on a door, a "password" pop up should show, the player (you) will enter the answer, whether its a number, word or a string of words. You will press enter after you are satisfied. If you get the answer correct, the door will unlock for you and you can explore that room. 

I should mention, I suck at animation... So I don't quite have a handle on the Unity Animation system. Which means X.... is glitchy. They work and move and do stuff, BUT they're nice and glitchy. I'm learning, give me a break buddy.

I originally started this idea for a game development class in my 1st year of college, haven't moved further with it since due to other more pressing tasks. However, I realized how am I supposed to get anywhere as a game developer if I don't get my ideas out in the world??? 

So now I'm here, and so are you. I hope you enjoyed the short, kind of crappy, work in progress called MISERY. 

If you choose to test it out and realize " WOW this would be good if Femme Dev put more time into it, I wonder why they haven't!" It's because school is hard, having a job is exhausting and life doesn't hand out free money.. unless you leave me a contribution then IT SURE DOES. 

(I'm not asking but you know.. it would be nice)

Please leave your feedback and feel free to send me an email at: 


(I am collecting for my email list... will have a website up for that eventually but until then.... this is where I beg.)

If you're interested in collaborating, providing something to the project or getting it up and ready for a Kickstarter campaign (end goal... because who has money for this???) send me an email. 


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